Upload File (or Image)

Upload a file or an image as an attachment to a base. To execute this request you need to generate an upload link first.


Three steps to add a file/an image to a base

To add an image or a file to a base, three steps are necessary:

  1. Generate an upload link.
  2. Upload the file to the base as an attachment. (this article)
  3. Update a row and attach the file/the image to a file or image column.


Different variable names

Pay attention that the return values of upload link have slightly different names, so parent_path is parent_dir in this call.

Attach the file/image to a file or image column

After uploading the file/image to a base, SeaTable saves the uploaded file at non-public URL in the form: /workspace/{workspace_id}+parent_dir+relative_path+name.

Here is an example how this might look like: https://cloud.seatable.io/workspace/24/asset/55f2f056-5da1-4095-b5f8-791bb51b991e/images/2023-07/party.png
If you are logged in with your browser, you can access this file. Otherwise you will see the login screen.

Knowing this URL, you can add a new row or update an existing row and use the URL to add this attachment to your file/image column.

# Example how to add an already uploaded image to a row:
"row": {
  "My Image Column": ["/workspace/24/asset/55f2f056-5da1-4095-b5f8-791bb51b991e/images/2023-07/party.png`"]

# Example how to add an already uploaded file to a row:
"row": {
  "File Column": [{
    "name": "invoice.pdf", 
    "size": 101454, 
    "type": "file", 
    "url": "/workspace/24/asset/55f2f056-5da1-4095-b5f8-791bb51b991e/images/2023-07/invoice.pdf"


File requires the input variables size, type and url

As you can see, in the case of an image the URL is sufficient to attach the image to an image column. In case of a file, you have to provide all four input values.

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