Create Base

Create a new base.
When you create a new base with this API request or on the web UI, SeaTable automatically adds the following content into the new base:

  • A new table "Table1" (with the table_id of 0000), and
  • A "Default View" (with the view_id of 0000), and
  • A new text column "Name" (with the column's key of 0000);
  • Three empty rows (The row's IDs are randomly generated. Use the call List Rows to see their IDs).

Optionally, you can select icons and colors from the following list to customize your base's icon in the web UI:

SeaTable base icon list


SeaTable base icon color list


You can create a base in your personal workspace ("My bases"), or in a group you have write permission to. Just specify the optional workspace_id parameter in the request.

The returned id value is the ID of your base, this numeric ID is to be distinguished from the base's UUID.

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