List Row Links

When you have a "Link to other records" column in your table and you have created some links to the current or another table, you can use this request to query each row's linked records' IDs and display values.
In the request body (see example request for demonstration):

  • table_id is the ID of the table you are querying;
  • link_column is the key of the "Link to other records" column. Attention: do not use the link_id of the link column here.
  • rows is an array. Include the following details of each row you are querying in every object:
    • row_id is the ID of the row you are querying;
    • offset is the beginning number of your query. If your record is linked to multiple records, use e.g. 0 to start quering from the 1st element or e.g. 5 to start querying from the 6th element, etc. Attention: The returned list of linked rows is not ordered by its original order on the web interface, but rather by created time (ctime).
    • limit lets you to set a limit to the number of records returned. Use e.g. 10 to return no more than 10 records.

In the response: - row_id is the ID of each linked record; - display_value is how this record is displayed on the web interface.

To get more information about each linked record, retrieve their row_id and use the Query with SQL request, for example: SELECT * FROM Table2 WHERE _id IN (row_id1, row_id2, ...);

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